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Beast Mode!

Marshawn Lynch! U DUH MANE!

So, So, FUNNY!

Just because I love this guy!

Music We Do.

I've posted this on Facebook and Twitter before, but here ya go. If you want to hear the music my wife Mel(instantkarmma) and I make, follow the links below and then please, tell me what you think. We play in two bands. Civita and a side project with Nathaniel Johnstone(nathan_fhtagn)

Here's Civita's 1st release called "Act VII." The title is an anagram of Civita. We recorded it in just 2 days with Dave Filburn(tarnationsauce) as engineer.
Act VII - Civita

Here's Civita's 2nd release. We jammed these songs out at my house with the recorder running. Hence the live/demo feel. It was really fun recording that way. I'd never done it like that before. It's called "No Time For Love Dr. Jones."
No Time For Love Doctor Jones

Here's what Mel and I do with Nathaniel Johnstone in his band band. I met Nathan when he joined Abney Park and I was already a member. We did a show at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle and recorded it. which is why it's called "Live At The Columbia City Theater." Original, no?
Live At The Columbia City Theater - Nathaniel Johnstone & The Brazilian Surf Mafia

LJ In The Twitter Generation

Mel(instantkarmma) and I were having dinner with Nathaniel Johnstone(nathan_fhtagn) and Libby Bulloff(carpe_jugulum) and talking about LJ. It seems Twitter and Facebook have trained us to want instant gratification. If a thought can't be expressed in 140 characters, we don't have the attention span to process it. I'm as guilty as anyone else, but it's kind of sad really. I rather miss coming online and actually getting comprehensive reports of what's going on with my friends. Or updates substance about all the creative endeavors people have going on. I need to start using LJ more again. I just wonder if anyone is still here to listen to my ramblings.

Family Tree.

I've posted this before, but I can't remember when. Here is my family history.

Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer was born in La Rochelle, France on the 12th of March in 1744. His father was Baptiste Nicolas Francois Metoyer, born in the parish of St. Denis de Rheims, France. The story goes that Pierre's father had planned to migrate to the United States and in that effort, had moved to the port city of La Rochelle, where his son's were born. There is no evidence that Nicolas Metoyer ever made the trip to America. But his son, possibly two sons arrived, probably in New Orleans as young men. They then made their way up the Mississippi to the military post in Natchitoches (pron. NACK-eh-tosh) where Pierre, (us descendants just take the Claude Thomas part of his name off), met Marie-Terese CoinCoin. (Pron. KO-kwe)

When Pierre met Marie-Terese, she was serving as a slave in the household of the commandant of the Natchitoches post, Sieur Louis Juchereau de St. Denis. Marie-Terese's parents were born in the Gold Coast (Togo) region of Africa and were brought to America as slaves. They married in Natchitoches on January 8, 1736. Pierre and Marie-Terese had ten kids, and their descendants might possibly be all of the known Creole Metoyers in the United States. Marie-Therese CoinCoin Metoyer was one of the most successful business women in colonial America. There's a Washington Post story that gives her details. Check out all 4 pages. It's very interesting. Though I've heard the story for years while hanging with my grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

So here's how I trace my blood line back almost 300 years to France and Africa.

Francois(unknown) & Francoise(unknown) (both from Togo, their owners weren't to original with their names)
Marie-Terese CoinCoin

Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer(1744-1815)& Marie Terese CoinCoin(1742-1816)
Augustin Metoyer

Augustin Metoyer(1768-1856) & Agnes Dupre(unknown)
Pompile Metoyer

Pompile Metoyer(unknown) & Rosa rocque(unknown)
Ernest Avner Metoyer

Ernest Avner Metoyer(1866-1939) & Harmina Marie Ballenger(1880-1965)
Dorothy Metoyer

Charles Roy Mayden(1903-1988) & Dorothy Metoyer(1915-2003)
Pierre Mayden

Pierre Mayden(1943-...) & Adele Suzanne Nickerson(1947-2003)
Jean-Paul Andre Mayden(1965-...)<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C'est Moi! (that's me!)

Of course this is the direct line just to me and my two brothers and my sister. I have a vast amount of cousins, aunts and uncles obviously. The last official family reunion I went to (back in the 80's) had over 300 people there. I really had to brush up on my French! It's a good feeling to know where you come from, and it's a good feeling to know that my family had a hand in freeing so many slaves. And the ones they had were treated well.


Mel(instantkarmma) and I are at the hospital and they're checking Mel in for her surgery. I'm nervous!


On the way home today my iPod decided to play a song called "On Ice" from a band called Josette's Eye. And then right after that it played a song called "R.E.M." from Civita. The interesting part about this is musically, it's exactly the same song. Josette's Eye was my first REAL band. I had jammed off and on with a lot of different bands, just because I was friends with the members, but Josette's Eye was the first time I was officially a true part of it. I wrote the music for "On Ice" while jamming with my friend Juano from Sky Cries Mary up in his bedroom. This was about six months, maybe a full year before joining Josette's Eye. JE never got around to finishing up the album it was going to appear on, so when Mel(instantkarmma) heard me playing around with it, she put her own lyrics and vocal melody to it and we called it R.E.M. For me it's quite interesting to hear what the two versions became because I play the guitar parts exactly the same for both songs, note for note. But they sound completely different. It's because the members of both bands put their own parts to it. I even have a live version of "On Ice" that has Esther's(katecrust) clarinet on it. I'd have to ask the JE peeps if they mind me posting an "On Ice" version, but the Civita version is at http://civita.bandcamp.com/track/r-e-m if you're curious. Krysztof(charmed_art) is probably the only non band member here that can claim to hear both versions, since we debuted "On Ice" while playing with his old band Sinforosa. As I recall that show, it was plagued with technical difficulties, but we had fun because we were all huge Sinfo. fans.

And on that note, everyone check out Krysztof's current band called The Latenight Callers! They are Fan-freakin-tastic! I may even like them a bit more than Sinforosa...if possible. Only because it's easier to make out the lyrics. Traci has a phenomenal voice, but her diction can be hard to make out. With The Latenight Callers, I can hear every word. Check them out. You won't be sorry!


Just Because...

My Job Is Crazier Than Your Job

Ok, my temp position working on the Alaska Airlines Website is up so I'm back working at the airport now. And now, for your perusal, I give you the run down of my day today.

I was working out at the North Satellite instead of the main terminal and you have to take a subway train to get out there. Well, I head that way to go pull a jetbridge up to an incoming plane only to discover that the trains are not operating. Some kind of malfunction. Of course the aircraft is due at the gate in about 15 minutes. I called out there to see if someone else could meet the plane and that I didn't know when I'd be able to get out there. There were about 100 people standing at the train doors trying to get to their flights and I'm sure much more than that out at the N-gates that flew in and want to get the hell out of the airport. All of us stranded. They were able to get the trains going intermittently about once every 20 minutes or so. But keep in mind, the trains usually run every 2 minutes and sometimes that's barely often enough to keep up with the passengers.

I get out to the N-gates finally after about 45 minutes only to discover that the flight I was supposed to work has been swapped to the D-gates in the main terminal and now I have to hope they get the trains running again in time for me to get this plane out on time. Screw that noise, I went down one of the jetway stairs onto the tarmac and appropriated a van to drive over the main terminal. Then went up the other jetway stairs to do the flight.

While working the flight, some people tried to board and it was discovered that Delta had delayed them and booked them on Alaska, but didn't give them the Flight Interruption Manifests(ie. tickets) they would need to travel on us. It's not legal to travel with out some form of ticket so that we can make sure we're not putting our terrorist friends on the plane with no way to track them. Somehow it becomes my fault that Delta didn't give them the documents they need to travel and this lady gets pretty much hysterical. I let her vent for awhile but when she starts attacking me I said, in these exact words, "I'm rapidly loosing interest in you." She shuts up, blinking at me in confusion for a bit, giving me time to explain that I'm the only person there that can do anything to help her. And since she's was treating me like crap, I was feeling more and more inclined to let her and her family stay the night at the airport and figure it out for themselves how to get to Ketchikan. She said she couldn't believe I would talk to a costumer like that and I said I couldn't believe she'd talk to another human being like she was talking to me. I said I'm off work at 830pm no matter if she gets to Alaska or not. So it makes no difference to me. And since I'm the only one that might be able to help her, it might be prudent to quit whining and let someone who knows something about the situation advise her on what to do. I got her to go to the Delta counter and show ID so they would give her new FIM's and then they could leave. They had to run for it, which they wouldn't have if she would have let me tell them what to do in the first place.

By then the trains were fixed and I went back to the N-gates, just in time for an agent out there to run up to me frantic that a 10 year old unaccompanied minor had wandered off. When a minor gets to the airport, the flight attendants working the flight are supposed to hand the person meeting the plane paperwork for the guardian meeting the child to sign. This paperwork is filled out by the guardian dropping the child off at the beginning of the trip. The person meeting the plane verifies the pick up person's ID and has them sign the paperwork before delivering the child so that we aren't handing the little darlings off to the nice chi-moe man and his ice cream van. Well, the flight attendants gave the paperwork to the meeting agent and let everyone off the plane without pointing out who the kid was to the agent. There's no way the agent is going to know what the kid looks like so it's up to the flight attendant to make sure the agent collects the kid. The child has a sticker on their clothes but sometimes that can be missed. Once everyone was off the plane and there's still no minor the agent panics and starts hunting the kid down while the flight attendants are calmly walking to the employee bus to go home. Oh, hell no. A supervisor and I stop them and say they're not going anywhere until we find this kid. They get all pissy and say no they're going home. I tell them they can go home, but they can stay home for good because they won't have a job if they come back. I then pull the flight attendant manual out of one of their bags and show them that until the agent or guardian has the kid, it's the flight attendants responsibility for that child's safety. Not until they get to the airport, as they were trying to say, until the kid is safely transferred. Then I paged the kid over the intercom and she eventually came back. Luckily for the flight attendants the kids mother wasn't at the gate yet or I'm sure she would have carved them all new assholes.

The next flight that came in was from Boston. There were two minor sisters on board that apparently fought the whole time. Like actual fists flying type of fighting. They also cussed out the flight attendants, ran up and down the aisle, screamed, yelled, and created a huge safety hazard. The captain radioed ahead to have supervisors there to meet the plane. The girls were 8 and 10 and when they saw all these adults there to meet them, they tried to be complete little angels. They were transferring to go to Hawaii, but everyone was reluctant to let them go. There is no way we'd normally let anyone posing such a huge safety problem board a flight, no matter how old they are. There's 160 other people to worry about so if we have to give two brats to CPS or put them in a holding cell we will. Those were pretty much our options since there was no guardian in Seattle as they were just changing planes. When the girls were told of how their actions had probably made it so they couldn't go and that they were in trouble, of the them told the flight attendant, "you're the one in trouble! I'm going to say that you hit me and then you'll be in trouble!" Of course the mother was called and we all decided that since it was 5 hours back to Boston, or 5 hours to Hawaii, we'd send them back to Boston because they lived there. That way we could ban them from flying on us again and we wouldn't have to fly them home. We had to have someone from the company fly with them since they were willing to lie about being hit. Don't need any lawsuits on our hands. So now we have a volunteer stuck overnight in Boston. The mother is looking at ten's of thousands of dollars in fines because the kids disrupted a flight in operation. Not sure if the company or the FAA will impose that though since the mother wasn't flying and didn't have direct control of her kids. I think the law should allow the flight attendants to physically restrain kids, or anyone for that matter that poses a safety risk. Like I said, there are over a hundred other people on board that would like to not die just because it's not currently PC to man-handle other peoples kids.

Next, a flight came in from Hawaii and one of the passengers was dead on arrival. Which means I get to deal with the freaked out passengers that got to ride about 3 hours sitting next to a dead lady. She had cancer I guess and her time ran out. About an hour later another flight comes in and this old couple walks off the plane. The guy sits down in one of the chairs in the waiting area and promptly dies. His wife, takes it creepily well, though some of the passengers are freaked. The Port Of Seattle fire department carted both bodies away.

The day's not quite over yet. After one of the flights left, the pushback tug that pushes the airplanes out into the taxiway, comes back to it's spot at the gate and immediately bursts into flames. The guy driving the tug runs for it. We all see it looking out the airport windows. About three supervisors are looking out the window when my friend Alyssa and I yell "CALL 911" We ran down the jetway and down the stairs, all the while people are yelling for us to come back. Alyssa runs out on the tarmac and grabs a fire extinguisher off the side of the building and puts the fire out.

By this time it's almost time to go home so I check my messages on my phone and find out that my garage door opener is fixed. It hadn't been working. So YaY! End it on a high note. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!


Missed Ya LJ!

Hello LJ...It's been a while. I've missed talking here on Livejournal, but I'm not sure how many are still paying attention here. I guess it really shouldn't matter though. the beauty of LJ has always been that there's room and resources to do a proper blog and fully express thoughts. It seems most peoples busy lives are better suited for the quick snipets of Facebook or the even smaller pieces of thought afforded by Twitter. I do use both of those, but LJ will always be my favorite. Even if I haven't been posting here lately. I suppose I'm just as busy as everyone else. But I'm going to try to get back here more often, because here, there's room to breathe, express a full thought or feeling, and actually say something of substance that can be followed through to the end. And I can still use it for quick updates on my bands or fast random thoughts.

Speaking of band updates, both Mel(instantkarmma) and I will be performing in with Civita and Nathaniel Johnstone at this years Maker Faire down in San Mateo(near San Francisco) California. The festival is May 22,23 but I don't know yet what day or time either project is playing yet. Two weeks after that on June 7th, Civita is playing down in Chehalis Wa. at The Matrix Coffeehouse. Moon is working there again and contacted us to play. We love Moon and his family and we love the Matrix! I used to play there all the time when I was in Josette's Eye. Lot's of good memories there. The cool thing about that show is Nathan's(nathan_fhtagn) mom's are coming out for that gig! Good people! We just had Dim Sum with them. If anyone can come out to either(or both) of those shows, hope to see ya there! here's samples of both projects, like I always do when we have shows.

Here's Civita performing "Happy Accident" at the Shipwreck.

And here's Nathaniel Johnstone and his Band Of Miscreants while we were performing at Maker Faire last year: