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Digital Screams

A Stream Of Random Orderliness

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The Analog Kid
12 July 1965
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Among other things, I play guitar and bass in a band called Civita. (Pron. Cheh-VEE-tah) I also used to play bass in a steampunk band called Abney Park. Very different projects but also both very cool! Check them out!

Here's video of Civita in action with me on guitar...

Transitions(Live @ Neumos) - By Civita

And here's Abney Park in action with me on bass...

This Journal will record my digital screams. My electronic wails. My fiber optic dementia. It will document my past. It will represent me at the exact moment of present. But it will not and cannot perceive my future for the future is always in motion. And I will always move.

Advice: Do not ask, "is this possible?" This question will stagnate your soul with indecision. Ask then, "why...good or bad...did this happen?" For this means you have, at the very least...Tried.

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